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Assalamualaikum and Hi

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I'm here, again~ 
I have nothing to do at this middle of the night and I just dont want to sleep yet. So, I wanna to make a new post~ 
Since PMR is OVER and I am extremely nervous whenever I think about my result!
It just really KILLING me! //Wish me best of luck\\
So, for lupakan segala gundah gulana dan resah di hati, I wanna post about my last holiday.
Yeahhh, last year holiday (1998-2012) since this school holiday are so bored ~

The best moment ever that I can't forget is when my family havva trip to Pulau Redang!
It such a very very very beautiful place and I really hope I can go there again after this!
Just imagine this, when I open the door or the window, I will see a very wide sea! So calm, peace and enjoyable ~
Havva my breakfast, lunch and dinner at the beach. Gahhhhh, it was so cool! 
You guys should go there too, like seriously!
Then, time petang gerak snorkeling, tengok those creatures under the sea ~
Dah penat snorkeling, malam tu kebetulan bulan penuh. Memang syok gila duduk tepi pantai and tengok bulan. It just make me feel near to the nature ~

2nd moment yang Kiera tak boleh lupa is gerak balik Terengganu naik double decker with my cousin and my sister! Then stay sana about 2-3 weeks! At first, planning seminggu je then melaratlarat ~
Before that, my cousin from Terengganu came here and we just window shopping at Sunway Pyramid. 
How I really wish she can come here again this year and I definitely will take her to Mid Valley or Time Square or maybe KLCC? I dont know, I just really hope :/ 
Then tak tahu lagi ahh this year nak gerak Terengganu and stay lagi or not ~ Tahun ni punya plan semua tah pape je plus bila mengenangkan my result yang akan keluar this December ~

Okay, Kiera rasa Kiera dah mengantuk and now pun dah pukul 12:43 AM. So, morninght guys!

p/s :: Havva great day and great holiday! For all SPM candidates, GOODLUCK! I wish you all the best xx



Assalamualaikum and Hi

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Its been long time no post right? 
Well, I am busy with my exam but now I am FREE!
Kiera kan PMR, so sekarang ni tengah berdebar for result and sekolah mana next year :3
After this maybe Kiera will update more post since cuti ni tak tahu nak buat apa ~
Raya ni Kiera tak balik kampung pun. Cem sedih juga ahh ~
This post actually have no point, so, byebye :*