Di sebalik 4 Jun

Assalamualaikum and Hi

See the tiitle? Yeahhh! Sebalik 4 Jun ada terselit satu kisahh~ Ecehhh, latest post "behind the eyes" semua jetjet behind the scene je xD hahahahaha, actually 4 Jun is my birthday :D Then kami 1 family pun pergi ahh ke AEON for celebrate and I decided to go to the Nando's restaurant :3 Everyone was blur at that time because that is our first time go to that restaurant. Umi pun belek ahh menu tu lalu berkata "This place is Italian food and this is really does the birthdat girl's taste only! Not for the family but just her" And she was right! That restaurant really make satoisfied but not my abah, umi or my other sisters xD hahahahaha, sorry yaaaa :3 Then abah pulak cakap "Kak, sorry. But serious cakap, this is the first time and the last time abah bawak awak makan sini. This is really not my taste" Kesian abah makan tak kenyang x) 

 Khusyuk membelek menu at Nandos
 Me with my umi tercinta and Wafiy :*
My birthday present! A bangle and a ring! Bawah ring tu ada terukir indah namaku, Kiera!

Heee~ Thats all for this post! Thanks for reading :D Havva blast, guys :*