Behind the 'eyes'

Assalamualaikum and Hi

Everyone have a pair of eyes, right? Maybe some eyes just didn't work well, just like mine. I need to wear spectacle to make my vision clear. But that better than I can't see at all. But sometimes I wish that I am blind. So, I wont see this kind of situation. The worst feeling ever is when someone we love just go away from our life and start care to someone new just infront of you. Yeah, it hurts.
Behind the eyes we can know their true expression. Sometime we just don't realize it. Behind that cool eyes, they actually hold thousands secrets that never be told to anyone. Maybe its not because they don't want to but because they don't know how to express it by words and just the tears can help.
For my personal opinion, for me tears is something really precious! Not anyone deserve it! For me, the tears is just for someone who really worth it. Maybe I'm just not the type who get upset and cry? My princip? "Jangan cepat sayang and jangan terlalu sayang" I will not do anything that will make me look like a desperate girl. Maybe because of that, I have lost someone who I care so much someone who I love. My cousin was like "YOU ARE THE MOST EGO GIRL THAT I EVER MET!" Maybe its make me hurt but I think that is the best. 
p/s: This is just about my personal opinion! How about your opinion? Maybe you can make a new post about this and give me your link at the comment box below? Well~ Sharing is part of caring :) Havva nice holidays, babe :* xoxo

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